"Wishing for good" Workshop Logo
Made for Shenkar College
Logo & Icons for Korean pop music channel
[ K-POP 32 ]
Logo Course | 2nd Year | Second Semester

The branding was created during a second-year logo course. Our task was to create the logo and icons for a fictional music channel based on a specific music genre that we choose. My choice was Korean pop.
The inspiration
The Korean language's formal letters were the main inspiration for the logotype. My goal was to give the Hebrew letters the Korean character.
Logotype & Symbol for a building
Logo Course | 2nd Year | Second Semester

As part of a Logo Design course in the second year, I created a symbol and logotype for a building
Children's icons
[ living - inanimate - growing ]
Logo Course | 2nd Year | Second Semester

A logo for a financial and insurance agency
[ 2023 ]
Fitness Trainer Logo
[ 2023 ]
Dropped Sketches
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