An experimental course in which we explored shapes in unexpected ways. We were asked to find a surprising world of shape inspiration. Then, we connected the shapes to a text that interested us and were able to present the final result in any medium we wanted, and I chose video.
A glimpse of the work process

Part 1 - shape-based exploration of peeled stickers on shipping containers
Part 2 - Exploring the shapes
Part 3 - Creating my own shapes
Part 4 - Exploring the shapes in motion with text
In the end of the process, I felt that the forms and the text connected to each other. Just as society makes women feel that their beauty "disappears" with age, typography on shipping containers also erodes over time. However, aging adds another layer to the typography, creating new shapes. It's like appearance and age. We change as we grow older, the visual aspect changes, a process that creates new things.
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